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An international juried and judged exhibition of Art Quilts
Prizes are awarded based on the interpretation of theme, excellence in design, and craftsmanship.

Jennifer Day, Women Helping Others

Jennifer Day, Women Helping Others

2013 Theme: Traditions

Sonia Bardella, Venice’s Carnival

Sonia Bardella, Venice's Carnival

2013 Theme: Traditions

FIRST PRIZE: $2,500 non-purchase cash prize, round trip airfare to International Quilt Festival 2014 in Houston, and hotel accommodations. There will be one first prize awarded. In the event you are awarded a prize that includes round trip airfare to International Quilt Festival 2014 in Houston and hotel accommodations in another contest, you may collect the travel/hotel portion of the prize only once.

RUNNER-UP PRIZE: $1,000 non-purchase cash prize, round trip airfare to International Quilt Festival 2014 in Houston, and hotel accommodations. There will be one runner-up prize awarded. In the event you are awarded a prize that includes round trip airfare to International Quilt Festival 2014 in Houston and hotel accommodations in another contest, you may collect the travel/hotel portion of the prize only once.

In the event that a Two-Person or Group quilt wins one of the two named awards, all prize checks will be issued in the name of the first artist listed for disbursement only. Only one artist will be flown to International Quilt Festival.


Exhibition theme:   Home. Entries are quilts that speak to the theme. Any techniques—piecing, appliqué, embroidery, photo transfer, whole cloth and/or manipulated fabric, etc.—may be used as long as they are appropriate for the quilt (consisting of three layers) and the theme. Quilts must be made specifically for the contest and must not have been published in books, calendars, magazines, newsletters, web sites, blogs, or any other form of publication prior to November 2014.

Categories: There is only one overall category.

Limit on entries: Each entrant may submit up to two works that must address the theme. Any materials may be used. However, the final result must be flexible in nature and consist of three layers.

Size of entries: Each work must measure at least 48 inches (122 cm) and no more than 92 inches (234 cm) on each side. Each entry must have a 4in (10 cm) finished sleeve or casing sewn to the top back edge of the quilt (please include a .25 in/.635 cm ease in the sleeve or casing). Sleeves should be secured with stitching at the top and bottom edge. A cloth label with the entrant’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail must be securely sewn to the back of the quilt, bottom left side.

Jury: A qualified jury will select the works. The jury’s decision is final. Upon seeing the final quilts, the organizers reserve the right to decide which quilts will be included in the exhibition. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any work that does not match the slides or digital photos submitted to the jury.

Judge: A qualified judge will select the first and runner-up prize winners. The judge’s decision is final.


Who may enter: The entries may be the work of one person or more than one person as long as proper credit is given to all involved in the actual completion of the quilt. The person entering the quilt must have been directly involved in the quilt's creation. Limit two entries per person or group. Full-time employees of Quilts, Inc. are not eligible.

Copyright permission: Entry into the exhibition automatically grants copyright permission for the image of the quilt and/or all or part of the Artist’s Statement about the quilt to be used in articles, ads, promotions, catalogues, books, magazines, web sites (including any Webcast coverage), blogs, CDs, current event news coverage, television productions, and/or multimedia productions for and about the International Quilt Festival, International Quilt Market; or for and about the special exhibit The Festival Gallery of Quilt Art; or for and about quilting and developing creativity. The quilt artist retains copyright to the quilt and will be credited in any usage.

Visual instructions: Please read carefully the information for your digital images. The complete instructions may be downloaded here. Visual Instructions (PDF).

Length of exhibit: The participating works must be available for two years, from August 2014 through August 2016.

Definite venues for the exhibition include:

  • International Quilt Market/Houston, October 25 – 27, 2014 (not open to public), Houston, Texas USA
  • International Quilt Festival/Houston, October 30 – November 2, 2014, Houston, Texas USA
  • Entrants will be notified of all other venues.

Official language: The official language of the exhibition is English.

Selling Your Quilt: You may choose to offer your quilt for sale and, if you do, 12.5% of the selling price will be donated to the International Quilt Association (IQA) and 12.5% to the Texas Quilt Museum, for a total of 25% donation. Both the Association and the Museum are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. Please check with your tax attorney for information on how to deduct the donation.


Deadline for receiving quilts: The selected works should be sent by the participant, at his/her own expense, to arrive no later than August 1, 2014 (International shipments should be SHIPPED no later than July 15) at the offices of Quilts, Inc. in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Shipping information: Complete shipping information will be sent when your entry is juried into the exhibition. DO NOT SEND QUILTS PRIOR TO NOTIFICATION.

* Important special note to quilters shipping from foreign countries: While we encourage you to insure your work for its full value for insurance purposes, we must ask you to value it for customs declaration purposes only at no more than $50 (U.S.). A higher customs value may require an expensive bond that may not be refunded upon your quilt’s return to its home country. Also mark the customs document “for exhibition and return, not for sale, no commercial value.” We hope you understand that this is for practical purposes only, and certainly does not reflect on Quilt Festival’s estimation of your work. If you wish to claim full value for customs purposes, we recommend that you arrange a carnet A.T.A. for your quilt at your expense. If we incur customs expenses due to a decision on your part to declare the customs value of your quilt as more than $50, you will need to reimburse us for any such expense. If you claim less than $50 for customs purposes and we still incur customs charges, we will pay those charges in full and will not expect reimbursement.

Insurance: Each work will be insured door to door (from the time you ship it to us until it is returned to you) under the Fine Arts Policy maintained by Quilts, Inc.

Quilts will be returned no later than September 30, 2016.

April 4, 2014
Entry forms go live
June 6, 2014
Deadline for entries
June 2014
Jury selection of finalist quilts
July 2, 2014
Notification of finalists
August 1, 2014
Deadline for receiving exhibition quilts in Houston
September 2014
Judging and announcement of the prizewinners
September 2016
Quilts returned to owners

How to Enter

Registration is now open. The last day to register is June 6, 2014 until midnight CDT.

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For More Information

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